Slot Games - My personal Favourite Casino Game

Everyone has their own personal favourite when it comes to casino games. For some its Roulette, for others its Blackjack but for me its slot Games. I can admit that when i play slots i get double the enjoyement when i win compered to other games. Maybe its because slot games offer the opportunity for big wins and i always enjoy big wins ( who doesnt). some fo my personal favourite slot games at the moment are

  • Gladiator

  • Superman II

  • Rainbow Riches

  • Starburst

  • Cops and Robbers

  • I can keep going on and on with that list because a lot of the slot games nowadays are really good, with impressive graphics and a lot of bonus features. Of course its not always good news when you play slot games because you can loose with the same ease that you can win. At the end of the day its all random so if its your lucky day you win, if not you loose. But personally i prefer to win 20X the amount i bet or loose my initial deposit rather than risking my deposit for a payout of 2X or 3X my money

    Why Slot games are so popular

    There are plenty of reasons why slot games are so popular but let's have a look at the main ones

  • Payouts are high

  • As we have already mentioned above its better to get paid 6-20 times your bet and slots do that. when you land a big win it could be anything between 20 to even 40 times your bet. So for 1 unit you bet you can get 40 payout. cool eh?

  • Plenty of slot games to choose from

  • Compared to blackjack or roulette when the game is aleays the same and there anot many new games added to this category, slot games are the totally opossite. There are hundrends of slot titles that players can choose from

  • New Slot games adeed all teh time

  • Again this is a feature that not many casino games have. Every week you can find a new game from IGT, NeEnt, Playtech etc. So you never get bored.

  • Slot games sites reviews

  • Another perk of slot games is that there are many slt games reviews sites out there so players can read about the game and even try free play before they decide if they like it or not. This si the case for most countries so if for example you want to know about slot games in online casinos in Greece you can go to and read reviews about froutakia (thats what slot games means in Greek) there before you play. If you want to do the same for in Italy or the UK then you can visit a similar local slot games site.

  • Slot Jackpots

  • Probably one of teh main reasons for a few slot players. It is like the lottery, people like chasing life changing wins and a lot of slot jackpots offer this chance. It just has to be your lucky day!

    Slots Online vs land based slots

    Despit ethe fact that a lot of land based casinos have a great number of slot machines, this is nowhere newa the ampunt of games players can find online. This is due to the fact that there a limited companies that offertheir slot games for land baed casinos and if they do the number fo slot games is limited as well. So our recommendation is that online slot games are the best option.